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Until plans for a new art contest/challenge take shape, the invitation to all club members here to send in any TMNT artwork that you have done is still open.  

In the meanwhile, keep your eyes open for teasers and other information regarding the new TMNT movie that will hit theatres in March of 2007.  I heard they will be showing the teaster trailer to this at the San Diego Comic Con this week too.  Wow!

Lastly, an update to the guidelines for joining.  While I had mentioned before that all you need was one example of TMNT art in your account.. I also would like for this art to be something more original as well.  I've been noticing too many deviations that look a lot like the professionally done commercial art when people sign up to join.  While I have no problem where the artist has honestly admitted that they looked off of other examples for refernce, and otherwise has made a real artistic effort to make it a learning experience...  I think those who produce a so-so example of a copied pro art and tries to claim it as their own is not in good form.  Plagerism also goes against DA rules.

Thank you again for your time, and have a great summer!

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Welcome to the club that invites artists and fans of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to gather round and show off their mad skillz.   

The rules to join are simple... you must have at least one piece of original TMNT art you have done yourself, posted on your DevAccount.  This can be of any Turtle universe, new and old. Or, if you just like the bad guys, that's fair game too.  If you like to join, send us a note!  

To read a more detailed listing of club guidelines, go to Journal Entry #1.  

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dalmation10k Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2006   Digital Artist
HI guys, how's it going?
It's winter time here!
tmntart Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2006
Ah... you're from the southern hemisphere? Yeah.. it's been cooking up quite a heatwave from the rest of us up in the northern half. :p
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